The Best List of Foods Highest in Vitamin D

VitaminD is an important nutrient and it has a lot of impact on the essential functions of the body. This vitamin is unique and is produced when the body is exposed to sunlight and it also has a great effect on our health.

The deficiency of vitamin D is a matter of concern for children and adults alike. It is also known to increase the testosterone levels in men.

What is vitamin D

VitaminD is a fat-soluble vitamin and this is absorbed by the small intestine and the dietary fat. It is stored in the body tissues. The vitamin gets stored in the body for long and thus its high dosage causes toxicity.

VitaminD and how it helps to improve the concentration of testosterone in men

VitaminD does help to increase the level of testosterone in men. There have been studies that have proven this. It is still a mystery how vitamin D helps to increase the testosterone levels in men. Their search on mice has shown that the testosterone levels were found to be lower in mice when their vitamin D receptors were deleted genetically.

Testosterone is important for the health and performance

Testosterone is a steroid hormone and this is produced by men as well as women. The testosterone levels get elevated when men reach puberty and this helps to stimulate the production of sperm and in the formation of the secondary sexual characters. It is also associated with increasing bone health and stimulates muscle mass. It also improves libido and mood.

There have been studies conducted on mice to show how increasing the intake of vitamin D has helped to improve the testosterone levels in mice.

The same can be said about humans too and it is believed that testosterone levels are positively correlated with the intake of vitamin D.

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