Secret Tips Everyone Who Shops On Amazon Needs To Know Right Now

There is no denying the fact that Amazon has amazing deals and discounts that we can make the most of. However, there are some secret tips that can make these deals even more promising. With these hacks, you might end up saving much more money and extend your Prime membership as well. Here are the tips that a regular shopper like you must know.

  1. Replace without sending the original back

If a delivered item is broken or cracked, you could always place a request for a replacement from Amazon. If the item’s value is less than $50, you might not even have to send the original piece back which could be a bonus, especially if it is in usable condition with a little adhesive. This ratchet wrench set ordered by a neighbor was slightly damaged and she got a replacement of the same without sending it back. She has a spare that she uses when she needs more work done.

  1. Account credits

If you frequently buy things like eBooks, digital videos and music from Amazon, you could add credits to your account without doing much about it. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, all you need to do is select for the “FREE No-Rush Shipping” option and you will get a credit of $1 per container.

  1. Prime extension for free

If you have opted for the two-day delivery and it does not reach you in two days, you can let the customer support system know about it and they might arrange for an extension of your Amazon Prime membership by a month. Instead, you could also choose some amount of money credited to your account. What you get as compensation depends on how long the delivery is delayed.

If you know these tricks, you could actually save a good amount of money or get freebies in your account!