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Gift Guide: the 10 Best Board Games for Family Fun

Are you planning for family night? Then, it would be a splendid idea to bring along and play the board games as these may engage everyone turning it to be a fun and exciting night for you all. Here goes the list of such interesting family board games that you can purchase.

  1. The drawing and guessing play or the Pictionary game. This might be one of the humorous type of game that you played till now. Your drawings may be hilariously weird but it does not matter at all because once your teammate is able to guess the word, you are the winner of the play turn.
  2. Facetious phrasing game. This includes fitting a mouth guard and trying your best to precisely and spontaneously say any one of the phrases given in the board. This mouthpiece is sterilizable with boiling water and can be definitely reused for any of the family together.
  3. The A-trend card games. This game can be started by selecting a surprising topic and then, you need to put a card that you think can be nicely related to the topic. Further, the judge chooses to resolve the game by finding the best match out the cards already played.
  4. The crosswords building. This is really an education type of board game that you as well as your child would be all set to find out new words that fit in the crossword building grids.
  5. The tricky card game or the Uno. It involves playing cards based on the same colors or the same numbers and the one to finishes his or her cards is the winner. However, the game is not east, beware of the challenges involved.
  6. Find the adventurous route to the destination. There are certain cards that indicate train routes and you need to collect all these to earn more points than others.
  7. The Ludo games. A strategical game that moves based on your part of rolling a die. The one to reach the finishing line first is the winner.
  8. The spy-based game. Here, only the masters of the team know the real spy’s who are included in the team. Rest of the team know each other by their code tags and they need to guess the person from the clues given by the master. This would be fun games for 4 year olds.
  9. Snakes and ladders. This is also based on die role but the challenges in the mid would make you eaten up by the snakes.
  10. The Caroms board. Striking the tokens and making them fall in your concerned pit is essential to make points.