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Robotic toys that make every kid ecstatic

In the digital age, robotic toys have gotten more sophisticated. Goodbye to the old flashes of lights, series of bloops and bleeps. All we have now is strong traits that your child will comfortably adapt to.  

With the advent of robot dinosaur, Educational kit, wonder workshop, make block add-on, outdoors robot and others, you can keep your kids entertained.  

Below are some of the best and classic robotic toys that make every kid ecstatic.  

  • Wow Wee MiposaurThis robotic toy is an interactive dinosaur that kids will be able to control with the inbuilt trackball or with an app.  

It is designed to follow his ball, just the way a puppy will do with a human. When active, your kids can use a variety of hands gesture in having it dance to their wish.  

  • Sphero Ollie: This robotic toy is the best robot for outdoors. This robotic toy is designed to accomplish “pull off” adrenaline-pumping stunts.  

The accessories that come with this robotic toy enables maximum personalization and style your kids want. 

  • Makeblock mBot Kit: The mBot Robot functions as a beginner education tool. It is designed to allow the kid to get familiar with robotics, electronics, and programming.  

It also creates room for programming possibilities and high level of creativity.  

  • Anki Cozmo: Though little, this robot has a big personality. This robot is rebellious, quirky, endearing and is able to captivate you with its humor and charm.  

The AI allows it to express myriads of emotion from excitement to amazement and anger. It comes with fun games and with the ability to add more games.  

  • BB-8: This robot is an excellent companion for your kids. It has the ability of “voice recognition.” It could be controlled via a smartphone.  

Interestingly, this robot is built with a camera, and it is possible for kids to record what is known as “holographic messages” that can be seen as augmented reality. Furthermore, this robot adapts his personality to give a response to others.