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The Ultimate Guide: What to Know Before You Buy a Paintball Gun

When you own paintball gear you find it easier to practice. You would be able to predict the performance of the gun and also get better at targeting. Besides choosing the right paintball loader you should also pay attention to the important parameters when you buy your other paintball gear. Make sure that you equip yourself with a convenient and safe mask which also offers good ventilation when worn. Then comes the most crucial part of the game – the marker or the paintball gun. Here are a few tips to choose the best one for your game-


Make sure that you finalize your budget before you start shortlisting your options. Avoid spending too much on your paintball gun especially when you are new to the game. It is alright to pick an affordable gun when you are a new paintball learner. There are plenty of cheap guns that actually work well too. So you would be able to use your inexpensive gun intensely for your practice and then buy a better one soon after you get better in the game.


Look for the accuracy of the gun. You would definitely need one that has precise shooting efficiency. Especially with a moving target in front of your gun’s precision matters the most.

Choose a lightweight gun

The weight of the gun determines how easy or tough it is to hold the gun. Do not pick based on the maximum weight you can handle. You would need a gun that is light enough for you to hold it for a really long time.

Air tank compatibility

CO2 and compressed air tanks are the common options. There are some guns that can only use compressed air tanks which tend to be more expensive than CO2 tanks. To calculate the cumulative budget and choose a suitable gun.…