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The Ultimate Guide: Baby & Toddler Toys Buying Advice

Planning to buy things for children of various ages? Here is a complete guide to help you through:

Check Online

The very first step is to check online stores and websites like to know what is trending in the market for various ages. This will save you a lot of time and give you better ideas than standing in front of racks in the store.


Ask the parents or fellow parents to know what can be bought for various age groups and what is actually useful. You can even ask the store salespersons to know what is available for kids of this age. This will save you a lot of money.


Many websites have reviews by parents and customers. Read them before you can go out and spend on toys. This will help you not only identify what is good and useful but also what is worth your money.

What To Buy

Now, let’s see what the various things you can buy for babies and toddlers are:

  • Puzzles

Get them jigsaw puzzles to improve their concentration and focus. This is the age to sharpen their brains and jigsaw puzzles are a good way to challenge these brains.

  • Sand And Clay

Different textures are good for these nimble fingers. Get them child safe clay or sand that are sold by many brands. They can make and mold things to bring out their imaginations.

  • Blocks

Blocks of different sizes are available for different age groups. This will help their hand-eye coordination and let them understand the concept of building things.

  • Shape Sorter

This is the age they start recognizing shapes. Get them to shape sorters to help them understand this concept through repeated play.

  • Colors

They start recognizing colors at this stage. Get them toys that will require them to identify colors, to teach them through a fun and interesting manner.…